Top10 Android Games Under 50 MB – Android games are the most mainstream thing about android world. This is anything but a mystery that every one out there is a tremendous devotee of android games. So today folks I have picked some best android games and one all the more thing that they are completely free.

This all games are under 50mb and you can play this game without internet and this all games download very fast with lower internet speed but this all games are really amazing . so here’s the list below .

Top 10 Android Games Sized less than 50 MB :-

#10.  Flow free –


Flow Free is a riddle game of hues with around 1500 levels. Test yourself utilizing free play and time preliminary modes. Associate all comparable shaded specks and fill the whole board to finish the level. Flow Free is one the best lightweight Android games I have ever played.

[appbox googleplay com.bigduckgames.flow]


#9. HOP –

Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can in this mind-blowing arcade action!
Touch the screen and drag left or right to guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path! Make insane combos and beat your friend’s scores!. This game is really good my high score is 232 and this game is work without internet connection.

[appbox googleplay com.ketchapp.hop&hl=en_US]


#8.Mekorama –

This game is for Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas. This game is like puzzle game. I like the graphics and simple gameplay. Would be nice to have something to find in every or certain levels where you would need to diverge from heading straight to exit. But overall really good game.

[appbox googleplay com.martinmagni.mekorama&hl=en_IN]

#7.Amazing Brick-

Loved it!!! A total time pass I Loved this game. Its a nice time pass fun game. I use this to relax from daily work. its simple and easy to learn yet has provided me with many hours of entertainment.

[appbox googleplay mobi.ketchapp.amazingbrick]

#6. Hill Climb Racing –

This  game is based on physics. It looks a bit like a racing game but not. This addictive game size varies from one device to other but still falls under lightweight Android games category. I bet you can’t take your hands off this game. Be ready to get addicted.

[appbox googleplay com.fingersoft.hillclimb]

#5. Smash Hit –

This game graphics is amazing and sound of this game is real good. This game size is under 50mb. I have been playing Smash Hit from last few months and really in love with it. You need to smash the glass objects with metal balls. The game ends when you are done using all available balls.

[appbox googleplay com.mediocre.smashhit]

#4.Major Mayhem –

Meet the newest recruit in the Adult Swim Games army: Major Mayhem. He’s got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil. Guns, grenades and an assortment of other tools of destruction are at your disposal, and you’ll need every last one of ’em. So what are you waiting for, Major Mayhem? The future of the Free World — and your love life — hangs in the balance.

[appbox googleplay com.turner.asmajormayhem]

#3. ∞ Infinity Loop –

∞ Infinity Loop is the most trending game in 2018. It can be considered a puzzle game about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: “connecting multiple things” and make fun out of it.

A few people say this game is a decent riddle game however with an extraordinary zen mode. The objective is to clear your brain, expel the worry from your day by day existence with no weight or pressure to settle the dimensions.

[appbox googleplay com.balysv.loop]

#2. Gibbets: Bow Master –

Gibbets: Bow Master will give you the opportunity.Who hung these innocent people? Was it an unpleasant villain or a vengeful king? You may never know the answer, but you can save them using your archery skills!
Try your best in a shooting challenge! Cut the ropes with arrows, avoiding shooting at the victims. You should hurry: their breath is about to end! This stupid puzzle arcade always keeps you on your toes. And don’t forget: your chivalry can make some coin!

[appbox googleplay]

#1.Smashy Road: Wanted-

This game is my favourite game. In this game You are WANTED! Take your driving to new heights! Master and unlock all 90 vehicles. Race through the dessert, grasslands and the city or encounter SECRET areas with great rewards! Escape the POLICE, the SWAT, the ARMY JEEPS and the TANKS! How long can you last?

[appbox googleplay com.rkgames.smashywanted]