The dark mode highlight is just restricted to Android 10, and at the present time, it’s accessible for Pixel smartphones. In the event that you are utilizing a more seasoned version of Android like Android Marshmallow, Nougat, and so on then there are chances that your phone probably won’t get the Android 10. By taking a gander at these circumstances, outsider developers have chosen to add dark modes to their individual apps. So let’s see all the apps and steps to enable dark mode on those apps.


#1. Facebook Messenger –

Facebook Dark Mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

Facebook Messenger is one of the best and most used instant messaging apps. The app is heavily popular amongst Android users and it also got the dark mode feature. However, after the testing period, the dark mode is officially available. Users can turn on the dark mode in Facebook Messenger by going through the settings and simply enable dark mode.

#2. Youtube –

Youtube Dark mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

If you frustrated about watching a movie at night on youtube then you need to try the dark mode. Youtube looks better when its dark mode is enabled. It greatly improves the video watching experience and minimizes battery consumption. To enable dark mode on YouTube app, tap on the Profile Icon > Settings > General. Under the General settings, enable the ‘Dark Theme’ option.

#3. Google Chrome


Now Google Chrome has also got a new dark mode feature. The new dark mode feature of Google Chrome darkens every webpage that you visit. To enable the dark mode in the Google Chrome browser, users need to follow the below steps – First, go to Settings -> Themes -> (Enable) Dark.

#4. Google Play Store –

Play Store dark mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

Google Play Store also gives you a dark theme but it’s not official dark theme, if you want to enable dark mode then you need to enable default system dark mode. Once you enable default dark mode of your android system then the Play Store Automatically changes its theme to dark.

#5. Google Maps –

Google-maps-dark-mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

Well, if you are a frequent traveler, then you might know the importance of Google Maps. If you have Google Maps before, then you might know that the app automatically turns on the night mode navigation in the evening. If you can’t wait, then you can enable the Night Mode from Settings. Head to the Settings > Navigation Settings > Change Color Scheme. There you need to set the color scheme to ‘Night’.

#6. Twitter –

Twitter Dark mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

Twitter is the most popular social networking app and it also got an official dark mode. The dark mode for Twitter is available for both Android and iOS phones. To enable dark mode in twitter you need to follow these steps -> Settings(Tap on profile photo) -> Privacy. Under the Privacy options, tap on the ‘Display & Sound’ and there enable the ‘Night Mode’ feature.

#7. Instagram –

Instagram dark mode -SMGPLAZA.COM

Instagram is one of the best social networking apps in the world. It has no own official setting to enable dark mode on Instagram. If you want to enable dark mode on Instagram then you need to enable default dark mode of your system. Once you enable your system default dark mode then after Instagram changes its theme into the dark and once you turn off your system dark mode then it changes automatically into the light mode.

#8. Skype –

Skype Dark mode - SMGPLAZA.COM

Skype to the most popular voice and video calling app also got the dark mode feature. However, the dark mode feature is available only on the latest version of Skype for Android. So, to enable the dark mode first, update the app then after opening the Skype app on your Android and then select ‘Settings’. Under the Settings -> Appearance tab -> select the ‘Dark’ mode option.

End of this article – If your android system got official dark mode then this all apps perfectly work on your smartphone. If you like this article then comment me on below comment box and share this article with your friends.