Hi friends, Many peoples try to make money online. Many online platforms are available for making money online like youtube, blogging, social media and more. Youtube and blogging is the best platform to make money. If you have some best and genuine information then share on youtube and your blog and earn money easily. If you try to start blogging then you thought one thing “How to buy web hosting and domain“.

So, Today in this article you can see all those steps to buy domain and hosting to create your blog and earn money.

Many peoples and bloggers buy domain and hosting from unpredictable companies, and after buying bad hosting service people dislike that failure. So follow below all the steps to buy best and genuine web hosting and domain from best companies.

What is web hosting and domain –

1 Domain Name –

What is Domain name?

Domain name is one type of online address of your blog and website. If you want to buy domain then Three website/companies are best to buy domain name.

1. GoDaddy:- GoDaddy gives you .com domain at 149₹ for the first user.

2. Bluehost:- Bluehost gives you a free domain with web hosting.

3. Hostgator:- Hostgator gives you better service but the price is very high to buy web hosting and domain.

I suggest buying domain from Godaddy or Bluehost, My Domain is Purchased from Godaddy.

2. Web Hosting:-

Web hosting provides hosting for your website/blog means gives you some space to store your website data and store database of your website and blog. If you have your existing domain name but you have not any web hosting then you never create your website.

If you don’t have any web hosting then follow below steps for hosting your website with better services and high speed.

STeps to buying web hosting –

1. First, open Bluehost Homepage and click on “Get started “

2. This will take you the second page where you will see 4 different categories to buy web hosting. 

Web hosting packages –

  1. Basic:- Host-only one website, 50 GB Storage, 25 subdomains.
  2. Plus:- Host more than one website, Unlimited storage, unlimited subdomains.
  3. Choice plus:- Domain privacy, unlimited domain, unlimited storage.
  4. Pro:- High performance, dedicated IP, site Backup, Unlimited subdomains.

3. Select any package in front of the package you have chosen. 

4. After selecting your package, you can see to get a free domain from Bluehost or also you can use your existing domain for hosting. If you don’t have any existing domain then select the first option and search domain in the first box and if you have any existing domain then you need to change your nameservers to :

  • NS1.Bluehost.com
  • NS2.Bluehost.com

And enter your domain name in the second box and click on next button.

5. Now, in the next steps, you need to fill up account details like First name, Last name, Country, Address, State, City, and more. Make sure Your all details are correct and right, Mostly your Email Address because your login details will be sent to your email. 

6. After filling up your details you need to choose Package information:

  • Account Plan:- Hosting months (Recommended 12 and 24 months ).
  • Site Backup:- This Add-ons use for Backup your website data.
  • Site Security:- This Add-ons use for your site security.
  • Search engine jumpstart:- This Add-ons use for your search engine optimization.

You did not need to select all those add-ons so deselect options Site backup, Site Security,  and Search engine Jumpstart

7. Now, Enter your payment information to complete your hosting purchase.

After filling up all the information you need to verify all entered information and click on Submit button.

8. After clicking on Submit Button you will see any sales page like the below. So you will simply click on No thanks. 

9. Now you will see the next screen for creating your password. For creating password simply click on create your password button.

10. Type the password you want for login you hosting account. If you don’t have any suggestion for password then click on “suggest password” now copy the suggested password and click on next button

11. After creating your password, Now login in your web host and check your email inbox, and see the confirmation email for confirming your account and also you will see account login information for FTP login.

12. Now go to Bluehost.com and click on login button and fill all login information for login your account and click on submit button.

Now,  Congratulation! your web hosting is purchased. If you follow all these steps perfectly, then you have successfully purchased domain and hosting.

If you don’t know how to install wordpress on your server then see this article:


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