Hello friends, if you like to work on python language then this article is very useful for you. Right now Python language is very useful for feature purpose, using Python language you can create ML &AI Applications. Most interesting thing is using python language you can create game but before that you need to learn about Pygame module because without Pygame module you can not do any thing. So let’s see ……

What is Pygame ?

Basically Pygame is a one python module for a game development in python using this module you can easily develop a mini game programs .

After this blog you all are able to develop a one game

Before all of this you must have a python in your system for download the python first you have to go below website and download the anaconda 3.7 and there relative version of series 3. Something

When you click on link then it’s automatically start for download

For windows Python 3.7

For 64-bits


for 32-bits


For MacOs Python 3.7


For Linux Python 3.7


For More information


Then as my reference you have to use pycharm as a IDE that’s automatically download with that above’s link when you install that anaconda then automatically some IDE like Pycharm , Spyder are installed.

Before you use this pygame module you must have to install this in cmd or anaconda prompt or in pycharm consol you have to write

pip install pygame

Then you have to start a coding there first you have to impoet pygame module using

Import pygame     

Like This

Then all set you can use that’s inbuilt methods

There are many keypress events music wav,mixer event and many more

For more methods and there use or syntax you have to refer this official side

Link:- https://www.pygame.org/docs/

For a reference or example there are a code of snake game

import pygame
import time
import random
from pygame import mixer


white = (255, 255, 255)
yellow = (255, 255, 102)
black = (0, 0, 0)
red = (213, 50, 80)
green = (255, 255, 255)
blue = (34,139,34)

dis_width = 600
dis_height = 400

dis = pygame.display.set_mode((dis_width, dis_height))
pygame.display.set_caption('Snake Game')
icon = pygame.image.load('snake.png')

clock = pygame.time.Clock()

snake_block = 10
snake_speed = 10

font_style = pygame.font.SysFont("bahnschrift", 25)
score_font = pygame.font.SysFont("comicsansms", 35)

def our_snake(snake_block, snake_list):
    for x in snake_list:
        pygame.draw.rect(dis, black, [x[0], x[1], snake_block, snake_block])

def message(msg, color):
    mesg = font_style.render(msg, True, color)
    dis.blit(mesg, [dis_width / 6, dis_height / 3])

def gameLoop():
    game_over = False
    game_close = False

    x1 = dis_width / 2
    y1 = dis_height / 2

    x1_change = 0
    y1_change = 0

    snake_List = []
    Length_of_snake = 1

    foodx = round(random.randrange(0, dis_width - snake_block) / 10.0) * 10.0
    foody = round(random.randrange(0, dis_height - snake_block) / 10.0) * 10.0

    while not game_over:

        while game_close == True:
            message("You Lost! Press C-Play Again or Q-Quit", white)


            for event in pygame.event.get():
                if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
                    if event.key == pygame.K_q:
                        game_over = True
                        game_close = False
                    if event.key == pygame.K_c:

        for event in pygame.event.get():
            if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
                game_over = True
            if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
                if event.key == pygame.K_LEFT:
                    x1_change = -snake_block
                    y1_change = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT:
                    x1_change = snake_block
                    y1_change = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_UP:
                    y1_change = -snake_block
                    x1_change = 0
                elif event.key == pygame.K_DOWN:
                    y1_change = snake_block
                    x1_change = 0

        if x1 >= dis_width or x1 < 0 or y1 >= dis_height or y1 < 0:
            game_close = True

        x1 += x1_change
        y1 += y1_change
        pygame.draw.rect(dis, green, [foodx, foody, snake_block, snake_block])
        snake_Head = []
        if len(snake_List) > Length_of_snake:
            del snake_List[0]

        for x in snake_List[:-1]:
            if x == snake_Head:
                game_close = True

        our_snake(snake_block, snake_List)


        if x1 == foodx and y1 == foody:
            foodx = round(random.randrange(0, dis_width - snake_block) / 10.0) * 10.0
            foody = round(random.randrange(0, dis_height - snake_block) / 10.0) * 10.0
            Length_of_snake += 1





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End of this article :-

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