Hello Guys many of you are want to develop your own website but that’s not easy stuff. If You want to develop a Website then you have to knowledge about HTML,CSS and Bootstrap and many more If you have whole knowledge about all that then and then it’s possible if you have basic knowledge and you have to develop a website then follow this article that’s really help to develop a application in easy manner you don’t have to code All the page and modules.  Let’see….

For this first you have a one software you have to download this and install it.

Download HTTRACK Software

For download HTTRACK software of all os are available here .

according to your operating system you have to download the application and install it that’s very easy .

suppose I have windows 10 then I have to go the first link

When I am clicking on this link then one popup is open then simply select your path. where you want to download and press the download.

After that, you have to install that EXE file simply presses next and, click on the checkbox I accept and give the install location, and next to the installation has been starting then you got a final window which has the finish button simply press the finish.

Then you got a one window like below

Find The Best Template

After this you have to choose a template which you want to download For this there are many websites. But I personally prefer bellowed side ,

You get this type of view then see all the template which template you are like then simply click on this,

Suppose I want that but the price of this is 9$ I don’t have to pay simply follow the below step and you get free whole template .

At first you have to click on this preview button ,

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After that you get a one more page that content the whole webpage which you want then simply click on the remove frame which is indicated below with white box and copy the URL of those page .

Start To Download the Template Free

When you have the URL of the template then open your HTTRACK software and click on NEXT .

And then you get a another interface there you have to define your project name and location where you want to download as below then click on next like below .

Then you get another interface where you have to give a URL of template Which you are copy and Hit the next button like below,

And the final step is where you have to hit the finish button after the click on this the downloading will be started.

After this, wait for a while, when your content is download, then the next button is visible this next button which is visible then you have to click on this,

 At last, you have to click on finish and go to your location where the file is download, like in my system the file is download in the smgplaza folder.


As above picture you get all files if you want to check then click on that html file the same template are opened that means the whole html code are downloaded in your local system then simply start to edit this your website has been ready

I am editing this template in visual studio there I have both the design and there code then simply edit the code and your website has been ready for host