How to get app source code and plugins for free

Hello developers, today is the best article for you because today you can get the best method to get App sourcecode and plugin for free without any cost. In this article, I give you the best website to get free App source code for free and also you can get the plugin for your WordPress. Now its cools or not please comment on the comment box.

get free app sourcecode and plugin –

Many developers try to make a better app but they didn’t get a better result but using this website you can get full App source code of any application and also many web developers try to get a free plugin like Yoast Seo, Elementor and many other plugins also available on this website. That website name is Codelist if you want to directly go to that website then click on below website link: –

Information about – is the most amazing and greate website for every developer. In this website, many options are available like Script, Add-ons/Plugins, App/Mobile Source code and the last one is Null CMS.


What inside on those options –

1. Script – In this option, you can see many pre-created scripts for any website like if you wany booking system makes by using coding and you don’t know how to create and if you know but you didn’t get success then get that script from this website.

script - (smgplaza)

2. Add-ons/Plugins – In this option, you can get many plugins and Add-ons for your WordPress website like if you want Elementor pro version plugin for free then simply search on this website and if that plugin is available then just get that plugin and import on your WordPress website.

Plugin/Addons (

3. App/Mobile Source code – In this option, you can get many free App source code for free with paying any money. In this website, you can get many Apps like LiveTV, Wallpaper, Radio and also many other apps is also available on this website.

How to get App Source code –

If you want to get free App source code on this website but you don’t know how to do that then follow the below steps.

1. Go to App/Mobile (App source code) option.

App/source code menu

2. Then after open, any App source code you want to create like I want to create a Wallpaper app then find that app source code and open it.

3. If you want to search directly at any app source code then go to the home page and search directly on the search bar and get any App source code.

Search in

4. Now, after opening any App then after you can see many links are available on that page.


5. The first link on that page is for demo means you can see design and feature screenshot and also you can see the demo of that App. And other links are available for getting the source code of that App which you want.

Links of -

Congrats, Now you learn how to get free App source code and also learn how to get paid plugin for free without paying any cost. If you like this article then share with your on social media and subscribe to smgplaza for new post notification.