PUBG is the most playing game in all over the world. Many gamers are addicted to this PUBG game. PUBG gives some royal pass to gamers. There are to the type of pass in PUBG games first is for free users and another for paid user. Many gamers are buying this Paid Elite pass to getting some best cloth, gun skin, car skin, and more. PUBG players buy this Pass buy wasting any money. So today this post is very useful for all PUBG users because in this article you can see how to get a free royal pass for PUBG.

What Is PUBG Royal Pass?


There are two types of the royal pass in pubg. First royal pass is for free users and second is Elite pass this pass is for paid users. In the free royal pass, you can get some clothes,exp card, coin double card, PUBG coupons. But Elite pass is different in elite pass you can get Many clothes, gun skins, different plans, Many moves like dancing, fighting and more. Royal pass very usefully for gamers in PUBG. If you have Elite royal pass then you get many rewards for free.

Elite pass price is something 600 PUBG UC means 600 PUBG UC= 700 Indian rupees. In Elite Pass there are 20 rewards which give 30 UC for each, and you can get something 600 UC when you reach RP 97. So no need to buy some more UC for received some more rewards.

Step To Getting Royal Pass For Free –

  • First, you need to install Google Opinion Reward app on your smartphone by click on this link.
  • Now, Complete all steps for installation and after that answer some Google surveys questions.
  • Google sends this question after 4 and 5 days after last surveys questions.
  • You simply answer all this surveys question then google give you some money to spend.
  • When you get enough money to buy PUBG royal pass then open you PUBG game and go to Royal pass section and click on Upgrade Button and after that select Elite pass and get UC By spend something 700 to 800 Indian rupees by Google opinion reward app.
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  • Enjoy your game friends.

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