The popularity of PUBG game is increasing in the world. Many peoples play PUBG game for new skills and to earn money by live stream on a different platform. If you are interested to live stream on youtube and twitch so Follow this step to stream live on PC.

Step 1:- Where You Should Stream?

The most Streaming platform is Youtube, Facebook and twitch. Before you stream any game you should research, Which platform is better for Live stream and which platform gives you better revenue from the live stream. My opinion is Youtube and after that twitch. Youtube gives you a better earning from the live stream and better users to watch your live stream.


Step 2:- Get Your Stream Key.

Before start live streaming on youtube and any other platform, you need an API key for streaming.

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First, Create your channel on youtube and then go to your account channel > click on Creator Studio.

Now go to Other feature > Live stream now

Now scroll down to ENCODER SETUP and copy your Server URL and Stream key as shown as below image.

Step 3:- Now Install And Setup OBS Software

OBS(Open Broadcasting Software ) is open-source cross-platform. OBS is software for recording and live streaming. Get this software by clicking on this link.

After getting this software install it and after that open this software. Now go to OBS software setting, and click on stream option. Now select your Stream Type, Service, Server, Stream key, After entering this all information and stream key on OBS click on OK.

Step 4:- Setting for capture game on OBS

For select your scene, go to the source and click on + and select Game capture option and customize which game window you want to display to your viewers.

In the following screenshot, have selected PUBG game window.

For stream on youtube notice your internet connection is better.

This reminds me of a famous quote “Don’t sit like a rock, work like a clock”.

Don’t waste time just playing PUBG start earning from PUBG. While the world is seeing PUBG as a threat to productivity, with an optimistic mind turn PUBG into your main stream of income by putting PUBG to work.