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A debt of gratitude is in order for visiting our site! We are happy to see you. At Smgplaza viewers gets best tutorials about different language which can help you to create your own application and programs. We also provides best technical and gaming news as fast as possible.

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I am the founder of Smgplaza. I started Smgplaza to share my knowledge, tech information, and many more thing that can be very useful for my viewers. I want to share my skills with my viewers so they can achieve their goals. If my post or blogs are useful for anyone to achieve their goals then I am really glad to see that.


Manav Shah

My name is Manav Shah and I am serving as the Author of SMGPLAZA. Android and Python development are the areas of my interest. I have decided to become a developer after spending years being that person who desperately wanted to learn programming. Currently, I am working as a freelancer.I want to use my skills, my experiences and my own journey to help others.


Riya Shah

Hey, I am Riya Shah. I am a Python developer. I am pursuing BTech. currently, I am in 2nd year. I am a blogger from India. I started blogging in Smgplaza to share my knowledge and more.