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Right now, there are a lot of Battle Royale games being played in the world. The new free to play battle royal game has come for gamers across PC, Xbox, and PS4 and that game name is Call of Duty: Warzone. It is still free to play so today in this post I will tell you how to download CoD: Warzone on your PC for free. So let’s Start…

Overview of COD:Warzone:-

Cod: warzone is available with one massive map is called Verdansk. Its support for up to 150 players and be prepared for huge download size. New Warzone players, who do not own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will need approximately 80 – 101GB of hard drive space for the download.

Call of Duty:Warzone is comes with two different modes :-

1 . Battle Royal-

COD Warzone Battle royal

Battle Royal is a massive combat 100 plus players game, and that players are put into squads of trios and fight for survival. You and your squad start on the infill plane ready to jump out over Verdansk. It is a massive combat 100 plus players game, and that players are put into squads of trios and fight for survival. Once you lend on the ground, your squad needs to loot items like weapons and other things, kill the enemies, and complete contracts that all help you outlast the competition, as they will boost your loadout and give you in-match Cash.

After a few minutes into the match, the first circle collapse begins, then another cycle starts once the first collapse is complete. The game ends when only one enemy team or part of an enemy team is left standing.

2. Plunder –

COD Warzone plunder

Plunder is a mode for battle with your squad to collect the cash and escape from the tension-filled combat of the warzone. This new mode requires strategy, teamwork, and an epic race to collect Cash.

Here are the rules of Plunder:

  • Collect Your Cash: Loot, complete Contracts, and of course, steal it from rival players!
  • Protect Your Cash: Deposit your Cash at Cash Deposit Helipads and with portable Cash Deposit Balloons. Deposited Cash is safe and cannot be stolen!
  • Reach $1Million: When a team reaches $1 Million in Cash the Bonus Round is triggered – a two-minute frenzy to collect Cash. At the end of this Bonus Round, the team with the most Cash wins. 

Information is provided by Activision.

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How To Download Call Of Duty: Warzone If You Already Have COD: Modern Warfare:-

If you already have CoD: Modern Warfare, then CoD: Warzone will be simple to download for you. If you have the latest patch installed, then Warzone will download somewhere between 18 GB and 22 GB of additional data. Once the download is complete, the panel that says “Classified” will say Warzone.

How To Download Call Of Duty: Warzone If You Don’t Already Have CoD: Modern Warfare:-

If you don’t have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and your new player for Warzone then you need to download approximately 80 – 101GB, according to Activision. If you want to download Cod: Warzone then click on the button below.

Watch Trailer of Call of Duty : Warzone :-

End of This Article :-

Guys this game is really amazing and the best thing about this game is it’s free to play. So if you like this article then share it with your friends and make your squad for play this game. if you love to read this type of article then keep visiting our website.


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